A Guide To Educating Patients

This course is designed to provide healthcare providers with the knowledge and critical steps to optimize patient education and ultimately health outcomes. The goals of the course are to:

  • Increase healthcare providers’ knowledge regarding the importance and utilization of effective patient education
  • Understand the necessary steps for effective patient education
  • Reinforce strategies to overcome barriers to learning
  • Improve health outcomes by implementing or improving patient education

Intended Audience
The intended audience for this course are healthcare providers that contract with the Iowa Department of Public Health WISEWOMAN/Care for Yourself program to provide cardiovascular screening and treatment to eligible women, ages 40-64.

The training course would also prove beneficial for any healthcare providers considering the implementation of patient education into their practice.

The length of time for participants to take this course is estimated to be one hour.

Course Content
There are five sections in this course:

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Step 1- Assessment
Section 3: Step 2 - Planning
Section 4: Step 3 - Implementing
Section 5: Step 4 - Documenting

Script and narration for the presentation is prepared by Terry Meek. Click here to have access to Ms. Meek's professional bio.

There is a post-test at the end of the course.